What To Bring

Virtually Paperless Office

​​We are able to complete your tax return without the need for pesky papers or multiple trips. Send us all your documents through our secure portal. We accept most types of files, including cell phone pictures. If you still prefer to bring in your paperwork, stop by and drop it off in our secure dropbox anytime. 

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Sign Online

​After your tax return is complete, sign at your convenience from the comfort of your home. We will email your taxes to you, no need to make a trip!

What You Might Need

​ A few things to bring:

  • Last year’s tax return (if we didn’t prepare it)
  • W-2 forms
  • 1099’s of any kind (misc. income, interest income, etc.)
  • Investment, Mutual fund, and Stock Trade Statements
  • K-1 schedules from Partnerships, LLC’s, S-corporations
  • Retirement plan contributions and/or withdrawals (1099-R)
  • 1098 statement(s) from mortgages
  • Medical expenses (including Rx, co-pays, mileage)
  • 1095 Affordable Care Act (health insurance) notices
  • HSA and health insurance information
  • Charitable contributions (including cash, non-cash, and mileage)
  • Dependent info (SSN, DOB, relationship, # of months spent at home)
  • Tuition, fees, and required course materials (bring 1098-T)
  • Alimony paid or received (do not include child support)
  • Sales tax paid on vehicles or other major purchases
  • Settlement HUD’s on sale and/or purchase of real estate or houses
  • Costs of windows, insulation, furnace, water heaters qualifying for credit
  • Moving expenses, job hunting expenses
  • Anything else you think might help…

If you have a business or rental property:

  • Income received (include 1099-K, 1099-Misc)
  • Expenses related to the business or income
  • Mileage (business use of vehicles)
  • Home office and total sq. footage, utilities paid, cell phone costs

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